Woo Roundtable with Jonathan Wold

Do The Woo Roundtable

I was honored to be asked to be a panelist on the new monthly Woo RoundTable discussion between the panelists and a representative from WooCommerce who will ‘sit’ on the Purple Chair. We had our first show last month, and our guest was Jonathan Wold, who is the community manager for WooCommerce

During this session, Ronald Gijsel from Yith moderated and gave each of us panelists the opportunity to ask Jonathan a range of questions about the WooCommerce builder community. Then, at the halfway point the roles were reversed and Jonathan was allowed the opportunity to ask us questions. The first show went great and I’m looking forward to this month’s show!

You can watch last month’s show recording, but if you want to get in on the live questions, I suggest you try to tune-in this month during the live broadcast! The other panelists include Christie Chirinos from Liquid Web and Robert Jacobi.

Here’s last month’s show: